Terms & Conditions for Self-Printing of RAIL&FLY-online ticket

As of:01.04.2011 

1.   Application 

The conditions of internet sale for RAIL&FLY- tickets apply, if the following rules do not state anything different. The contractor for your journey is Emirates.

Booking, payment, changes and refund of RAIL&FLY- tickets will be exclusively done by the airline. 

2.   Ticket Purchase

 2.1. RAIL& FLY –online tickets for self-printing can only be purchased if these terms of use are fully accepted.

 2.2. RAIL&FLY –online tickets can be booked the latest until 10 minutes before commencement of travel. The RAIL&FLY ticket will be shown directly via PDF-format on your PC-screen or sent by the consolidators as PDF-file via e-mail. RAIL&FLY-online tickets have to be self-printed on DINA4 (German industrial standard size) paper by using Acrobat Reader. It is not possible to send a RAIL&FLY ticket via mail by DB.

 2.3. RAIL&FLY tickets is as personal ticket not transferable and it is only valid in combination with the at booking time for identification purpose used BahnCard 25/BahnCard 50, EC-/Maestro card, credit card or a german passport. For other countries please see Deutsche Bahn online booking info.Traveler and owner of these cards have to be identical. For multi-traveler tickets only the booking person has to have a BahnCard 25/BahnCard 50, EC-/Maestro card, credit card or an identification card. It is not possible to purchase a ticket for children or dogs traveling alone.

 2.4. The RAIL&FLY-Online Ticket procedure allows passengers traveling with Emirates to purchase tickets for RAIL&FLY for single or return travel with/without BahnCard. (RAIL&FLY-fare valid for BahnCard25/50). This offer is only valid in combination with services booked at the airline. If these documents cannot be provided by the traveller at ticket control, this RAIL&FLY –online ticket is not valid.
Inthiscasethetravelerisrequiredto payan increasedfare(§12EVO).For this purpose therailwaycompanysurchargesa penalty fare.Notwithstanding§12paragraph3EVO, the traveler canprovewithin14days of thedetermination dateatastationthatatthetime of detection he was holder of a validticket and all necessary related documents such as the online eTicket ID card and an airline ticket. If on the train it cannot bedeterminedwhether thepurchaseof theticketbeforedeparturewas not possiblefor reasons for which the railway company is responsible,the travelerreceiveshispenalty fare notice in anadditionaldocument.Inthis casethe periodof14daysbegins with the sending ofseparate request in writing bytherailwaycompany.
Insteadof the increasedfarethepassenger may also paythefixed boardpricein thosetrains,inwhichtickets(includingtransition/ Detour) are sold. In this casehe has to informvoluntarily theaccompanying staffduring theticketcontrol processthathehasnovalidticketandimmediately topurchaseanewticket.

 3.   Privacy Policy

 3.1 For transaction of the transportation contract the following personal data are mandatory and will be transferred to DB Vertrieb GmbH (German Railway distribution system):

first name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, numbers of BahnCard 25/50 / credit-card or necessary data for EC-/Maestro card (account number and bank code) or passport (date of birth, expiry date, country of issuance of ID card and the last 4 digits of the ID card number) for online eTicket identification.

 3.2 The DB Vertrieb GmbH commits to use and work confidentially with the personal data from passengers only for the settlement of the contract of carriage according to the valid data security regulations.

 4. Control and Abuse

 4.1 The RAIL& FLY –online ticket printing system encrypts all booking data which will be printed on the certificate on the paper print-out. At ticket control your used identification ID like BahnCard 25/50 / credit-card/ EC-/Maestro card or passport and your certificate will be read by a control device. This control device will decrypt these traveling data and compares them to a stored control data stock of the RAIL&FLY- online ticket.

 4.2 Please note that as identification-ID used for the booking transaction like BahnCard, EC-/Maestro- card, credit card or passport have to be carried by the traveler in the train.  If these documents cannot be provided by the traveler at ticket control, this RAIL&FLY –online ticket is not valid and new ticket with the regular fare has to be obtained for all travelers.

 4.3 In case of abuse (e.g. not permitted multi-utilization of a RAIL&FLY- online ticket) the journey does not have a valid ticket. In this case the airline will charge the regular fare in addition to a service fee. You will also be blocked for the online ticket system via travel agencies as well as for tickets at www.bahn.de. Furthermore we reserve the right to bring the charge against the traveler. The controlling data will be automatically deleted after 7 months.